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Creamy Stovetop Spinach Dip

Creamy Stovetop Spinach Dip

This SuperBowl spinach dip is incredibly mouthwatering!!I have the biggest weakness for any type of cheesy dip! For more details please visit …

Pumpkin Seed Power Bars

Pumpkin Seed Power Bars

I made these this morning and toasted the nuts/seeds before mixing.They are awesome!! Not too sweet, and they look great. I can’t …

eggplant in buttermilk sauce

Eggplant in Buttermilk Sauce

Delicious combination and scrumptious dish! I will probably do this again next year after summer .. For more details please visit the …

Fruit and nut bread

Fruit and nut Bread

This bread is such a good idea . If you want to make a bread you should do this because it’s soooo …